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About Dove Professional Apparel


Dove Professional Apparel Inc. was founded in 1985 by an ICU nurse/nurse educator and a home economics teacher specializing in textiles. The uniforms the founders created combined usefulness with style, with the result being a no-nonsense line of fashionable yet durable uniforms for nurses who are often frustrated by the lack of well made, nice looking garment options. Dove now markets its products nationally and works with over 200 nursing school programs. 

Dove Professional Apparel is in business:
 - To provide the highest quality, best looking, longest lasting uniforms, and the best service humanly possible;
 - To hold ourselves to the highest standard of respect for colleagues, vendors, and customers;
 - To foster an atmosphere of intolerance for foreign and domestic garment sweatshops; 
 - To share our prosperity by helping those in need;
 - To facilitate dignity in the nursing profession 
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E-mail: info@doveapparel.com