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How to Care for Your Uniform - Dove Professional Apparel


PATCHES  Made by Dove
If you need to apply a patch, you should set the colors in your patch before applying.  Soak the patch in a mixture of ½ water, ½ white vinegar for 2 hours.  Dry thoroughly.  Using a medium to medium-high setting on your iron, press the patch onto the uniform, checking every 10-15 seconds to be sure it is not scorching.  Make sure it has fully adhered to avoid peeling after repeated washings.  Stitch around the edge.  Ironed-on patches cannot be removed without leaving a gluey residue behind, so check with your school for correct placement!  Follow regular uniform care below.
UNIFORMS Made by Dove
Dove uniforms are made from 65% polyester, 35% cotton and will have very minimal shrinkage (if any) after washing and drying. The polyester helps keep the wrinkles out, but it also has a low melt point.  If you iron your uniform, use only a medium to medium-high setting.  If there is colored trim and/or a patch on your sleeve (usually 100% polyester), be very careful not to melt it with an iron that is too hot.
Launder in warm water with similar colors with a high quality, name brand detergent.  Do not use chlorine bleach – bleach removes dye (even white dye, causing your uniform to appear yellow), and it also weakens the fibers.  We also do not recommend the use of fabric softener.  Hot water is OK for whites.  Remove from dryer promptly, and you won’t need to iron.  Do not hand wash items with colored trim, and do not use cold water.  See back of Dove label.
If your uniform is a red or wine solid, we strongly recommend that you wash it before wearing -- after you try on your garment to be sure it is the right size.  Red dyes may rub off onto undergarments prior to the first wash.  For white uniforms with red or burgundy/wine sleeve trim, it is especially important not to use cold water, especially for the first wash.
POLO SHIRTS Made by Dove
Depending on your school's choice, you may have a 100% cotton polo or a polyester/cotton polo.  Note that Dove sells both Women’s and Men’s sizes; the Women’s sizes have shorter sleeves and shorter overall lengths than the Men’s.   If your school takes advantage of our free try-on sample program, women in particular are advised to try on a laundered sample Polo before ordering instead of guessing their size.  Polos cannot be returned after they are laundered or if they are embroidered.
Polyester/cotton polos are 65% polyester and 35% cotton pique, with moisture-wicking properties and minimal shrinkage of less than 2%.  Wash in warm or cold water; do not use bleach.  Tumble dry. 
Cotton polos are 100% Pima Cotton pique.  Side vents for comfortable fit. The 100% cotton pique polo is heavyweight for durability and professional appearance. Two button placket for ladies, three button placket for men. NOTE: Expect 5-10% shrinkage. Size chart reflects laundered shirts, not unlaundered.  Machine wash cold with like colors. Do not use bleach. Do not use softeners. Do not dry clean. Tumble dry.
In areas where high mineral content in water tends to turn white uniforms yellow, products from Rit Dye may be helpful.  Visit www.RitDye.com/laundry.asp for more information.  Products such as Rit “White-Wash,’ “Whitener and Brightener,” “Color Remover,” and “Color Brightener” can be used to freshen up the look of your uniform (not recommended for uniforms with sleeve trim or patches – however, these can be removed and then reapplied).  Follow Rit’s recommendations for selecting the right product for your uniform.
White and Navy Blue fabrics are treated with a stain resistant finish;  still, you may need to pretreat stains to be sure they wash out.  “Zout” is an excellent stain remover, as is Oxyclean (for whites only).  Hydrogen peroxide is good for removing blood stains.  Often, rubbing the stain with a regular bar of white soap and hot water will remove a stubborn stain (you have to rub for awhile).  Also, you can try the boiling water method:  have one person hold the garment over a sink, and a second person slowly pour boiling water directly onto the stain.  Pour for at least a minute.  Note that stains that have gone through the dryer are now baked in and permanent – so check before drying that your garment is stain-free!

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