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Frequently Asked Questions

This section contains answers to the most frequently asked questions received at the Dove Website. Click on a question to see the related answer. Clicking on the question again will hide the answer.

General Questions

How do I purchase nursing uniforms from Dove?

Online:  You can purchase our products in three easy steps:  1) Sign up and create an account, 2) Select your school program, and 3) Order the uniform products required by your program.


By Mail:  Fill out the order form your school gave you, and mail to:  Dove Professional Apparel, Inc., 7535 Convoy Court,  San Diego, CA 92111

By Fax:  Fill out the order form your school gave you, and fax to (858) 495-3685


By Phone: Call us at (800) 829-3683 Monday - Friday, 9am-4:30pm Pacific Time


Non-Students: If you are not a student, please order  by phone.


Methods of Payment:  We accept Visa, MasterCard, Discover, and ATM cards bearing these logos. We accept checks for mail orders only. Declined credit cards and bounced checks may be subject to a $25 fee and will cause a shipping delay, voiding our guarantee for on-time delivery.

Can you ship to a P.O. Box?

Yes.  Dove ships by FedEx Smart Post.  FedEx delivers the package to your local post office where it is handed over United States Postal Service for final delivery.  

What is the normal turnaround time for orders?

Orders placed by order deadline will be received by your clinical date.

Do you accept personal checks? What if mine bounces?

Yes, for mail orders only. We hold all orders paid by personal check for 2 weeks before shipping, so use another payment method if you are in a hurry. Bounced checks are subject to a $25 fee per incident and will result in delays, voiding our guarantee for on-time delivery.

Can I change an order that has not shipped yet?

If your order has not yet shipped, and requires no customization, you may change your order by calling 1-800-829-DOVE (3683) or e-mailing us at  info@doveapparel.com.  However, if your order requires customization, and is already in the process of being completed, we are unable to change that particular part of your order.

What is Dove's refund and exchange policy?

If you are not completely satisfied with any merchandise you have ordered, you may return it within 30 days of receipt for a full refund less shipping/processing charges.

Laundered, altered, worn garments are not returnable. Embroidered garments and engraved pins are not returnable unless we have made an error in embroidering your garment or engraving your pin.
All items must be in their original condition with their original packaging, instruction manuals, warranties, and tags.
We suggest you return the package using a courier who will provide proof of delivery.
Do the uniforms shrink? What are they made of?

Dove uniforms are made of a polyester/cotton blended fabric The uniforms shouldn't shrink, although exposure to water (through laundering) may cause a small amount of tightening of fibers which seems like shrinkage. Our 100% cotton polo shirts DO shrink - about 5% (that's 2” around, for a Ladies' Medium, for instance).


What is my school code?

Your school code is a unique code created for the program you are attending. The code will give you access to your school's customized web page, where you will find the exact items required by your school. You can find your code on the top of your order form. If you cannot find your school code, you can call us at 1-800-829-3683. For security purposes, we do not list the school codes on our website.

What are the care instructions for my uniform?

Visit our Uniform Care page  for Care Instructions, including how to apply a patch.

What if my uniform doesn't hold up?

Zipper torn out? Pocket falling off? Cuffs stretched out? We seldom see durability issues with our Dove-branded uniforms, but they do happen from time to time. For students, Dove guarantees its Dove-branded uniforms for the duration of the program they are in. If you are dissatisfied with how yours has held up, we want a chance to make it right! Give us a call and we'll help you out.

Technical Questions

What web browsers do I need to use in order to view your website and make purchases?

We support IE 8.0 or above, Firefox 3.0 or above, Google Chrome 2.0 or above, Safari 3.0 or above. Please note that site display and performance may vary by system and we do not guarantee any results. 

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